Updated:- 17/10/15

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Lincoln Tank Diary-1 DIARY


“Birth of the Tanks”, a 40 minute documentary, tells the story of the creation of the first fighting tanks 100 years ago.

See the trailer for free and pay £2.50 to stream the programme. A donation from each streaming and each DVD sold will help our campaign for a permanent Memorial. If your viewing is interrupted you can revisit the player up to 5 times in 30 days.

Early in 1915, with the opposing armies already entrenched, military minds dreamed of a machine that could break the deadlock. The Admiralty’s newly-formed Landships Committee found practical and inventive help in Lincoln......

Presenter, military historian and Tank Memorial Committee member Richard Pullen explains how William Foster and Co and their innovative MD William Tritton evolved from making farm machinery to creating tanks - and how female munitionettes played an essential role.

Richard, whose own grandfather worked on the tanks, leads viewers on a “tank trail” around sites associated with Fosters. The programme draws on film and still images from the WW1 period, treasured local collections, and family memories.

Produced by filmmaker Andy Blow of Blow by Blow Productions who pays tribute to the generosity of local tank enthusiasts in loaning materials from their collections to help tell the story.

“Birth of the Tanks” is sponsored by World of Tanks and the DVD (£12.99 – 95 minutes in total) contains £10 worth of bonus card for WOT players.

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Birth of the Tank